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Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Ukraine Is Only the Start: Special Operations’ Geopolitical Repercussions Will Transform How We View the World | Modern Diplomacy

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The Russian Federation’s military forces continue to conduct a special operation in Ukraine. Significant changes in the operational employment of the Russian group of troops show that the character of the military confrontation is shifting. Russia seeks to thwart efforts by the West and other global actors to intrude on the post-Soviet territory. According to him, the scale of this hybrid battle with the West indicates that it has all the elements of a global conflict. The destruction of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and the Nazi dictatorship is inevitable and will occur quickly.

The struggle of the Western alliance against Russia will increase regardless of the outcome of the special operation in Ukraine. Each coalition will have a core consisting of crucial power centers and their closest friends, who adhere to a common approach. This phase of the third world war might span from one to three years.

Source: https://moderndiplomacy.eu/2022/07/20/ukraine-is-only-the-start-special-operations-geopolitical-repercussions-will-transform-how-we-view-the-world/

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