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Saturday, December 3, 2022

Ukraine is crowdfunding a naval drone fleet to repeat its Black Sea success | Task and Purpose

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Ukraine is looking to expand its use of naval drones after a surprise drone swarm attack on the Russian military’s Black Sea fleet in the Crimean port of Sevastopol. 

To do this, Ukraine is using an unorthodox technique of sourcing. The cost of each of the 100 uncrewed surface vessels (USVs), which are being sought by the Ukrainian government, is approximately $274,000. In a message posted on United24, a fundraising website the Ukrainian government established up after the invasion started in February, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky stated, “I am confident that millions of people will help this critical region of Ukraine’s defense.” Everyone is aware of how it operates. The important part is that last sentence. Drones from the air and the sea were used in the attack on the Russian military’s Black Sea fleet on October 29. The USVs could be seen dodging Russian fire in footage from Sevastopol and the drones themselves. The frigate Admiral Makarov, at least one Russian warship, was reportedly damaged in the attack. The USVs used in the October attack can now be seen in all their clarity thanks to the United24 crowdsourcing initiative. The kayak-like 18-foot-long craft are capable of being filled with explosive material for deadly results. These USVs can carry up to 400 lbs of “combat payload” on their frames and look to move at a speed of 50 mph, as our colleagues at The War Zone highlighted. The USV can blend in against the waves thanks to its exceptionally low structure and jet-black paint, especially at night.



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