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Thursday, December 8, 2022

Ukraine, Irregular-War Changes Are Reshaping Pentagon’s Info-Ops Strategy | Defense One

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Defense policy chiefs claimed that the Pentagon’s information-operations plan will soon be revised in light of the lessons learned from the Ukraine and modifications in irregular warfare.

We observe this in Ukraine, where everyone has a cell phone. The movement of Russian forces is being reported by civilians, according to Maj. Gen. Matthew Easley, a senior information operations advisor to the assistant defense secretary for special operations. This, according to Easley, implies that well before battle breaks out, special operations need to be considering public narratives, how they might evolve, and how American forces can mold them. And to do that, it’s important to ensure that the troops have the proper digital competencies, such as data analysis and messaging. The new strategy, which is mandated by the 2020 Defense Policy Act and is scheduled for release in March, will be an update to the 2016 version, according to Easley. In 2018, a combined info-ops doctrine was released It draws upon a number of broad technological policy initiatives the Pentagon is putting forth, including digital, data, and cyber modernization policies. It will focus on the requirements for personnel training and force design across four lines of action. He added that improved information operations integration is also necessary, pointing out that the U.S. the Information Groups of the Marine Corps.




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