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Thursday, December 1, 2022

Two Guys to a Bag, One Bag at a Time. We Each Became Experts in a Macabre Parade | The War Horse

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Edward Meagher is a Vietnam service-disabled veteran who retired after 24 years in government, 26 years in the private sector, and four years in the U.S. Air Force. 

He served for seven years as the deputy assistant secretary and deputy CIO at the Department of Veterans Affairs. He remembers being shocked by the incident after carrying the bags from the Chinook. The crew chief said, “Be careful,” almost in my ear. There is slickness inside. One bag at a time for just two guys. body bags arranged in a cord-like way and fastened with canvas straps in vibrant colors that were attached to hooks on the deck. The first bag was taken by two men, who then hoisted it. Body curled up into a ball. They raised the sack higher, until it was off the ground and their arms were shoulder height. The two soldiers slunk and staggered down the ramp. The detail swiftly put up an assembly line to guarantee that each team member entered the ship the same amount of times, and they all became pros at performing a macabre procession.



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