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Saturday, November 26, 2022

Turkey’s mysterious ‘portal to the underworld’ | BBC Travel

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A gigantic white rock formation is towering over the neighboring valley in Pamukkale, western Turkey. The glittering mountain of fossilized limestone, furrowed with petrified stalactites and tessellated with hundreds of pools of shimmering azure water, falls to the valley floor. These strange rocks are travertines, which are limestone cliffs formed over 400,000 years by mineral springs flowing up. The Attalid monarchs of Pergamon established Hierapolis towards the end of the 2nd century BC, but it was conquered by the Romans in 133 AD. The Ploutonion is now boarded up, and a pathway has just been constructed around the site to let tourists see the renowned battlefield without going too near to the dangerous gas source. Even with these modern additions, walking in the footsteps of Greek and Roman pilgrims and looking down on the point where mythology and reality collide is fascinating.

Source: https://www.bbc.com/travel/article/20210629-turkeys-mysterious-portal-to-the-underworld?ocid=global_travel_rss


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