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Saturday, December 3, 2022

Try a steady state workout to build strength and feel powerful | Canadian Running

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Jason Koop, a well-known coach and ultrarunner, incorporates steady state exercises into all of his athletes’ training schedules, from beginning to advanced. 

According to Koop, steady state runs develop aerobic strength, the basis for your greatest results in distances ranging from the 5K to the marathon. Try one of these steady state workouts to feel more assured about your capacity for lengthy, powerful runs going into your next competition. It’s best to run by feel (perceived exertion) rather than precise statistics when maintaining a steady state pace because it’s all about the in-between. It’s not quick or sluggish; it’s sometimes referred to as a “easy-medium” pace. Not impossible, but not simple. These can be challenging exercises, but not because of the speed, but rather because of the amount of time spent running and the mental focus required to keep a constant pace for such a long time—the ideal preparation for race day. Even though a steady state run shouldn’t make you feel exhausted, you should still follow it up with an easy run or recovery day to get the most out of your training.



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