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Sunday, March 26, 2023

Trends to reshape the future of employee wellness | People Matters

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Employees are looking at their wellness with more scrutiny after the Covid pandemic, this scrutiny carries over to wellness programs and benefits. The pandemic brought on an evolution and many new ways of thinking, and companies are beginning to see that workplace wellness goes beyond physical health conditions. As employee’s face increasing levels of social isolation, and burnout as the boundaries between work and home have been smudged. Personalization has taken the place of the original one-size-fits all plan, with the technological developments of this modern age allow for flexibility and personalization of wellness plans for employees. As work becomes more hybrid, the benefits need to follow if companies hope to retain employees in market which is suited for the employee over the employer.

Source: https://www.peoplematters.in/article/wellness/trends-to-reshape-the-future-of-employee-wellness-33516


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