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Saturday, November 26, 2022

This Special Forces medic earned the Medal of Honor by saving 60 lives in Vietnam | Military.com

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Aiding around 60 or more men during the secret war in Laos, Capt. Gary Michael Rose received his Medal of Honor after 47 years. Rose joined the Army when he was 19, but the Army chose Gary Rose for Special Forces training, where he trained to be a medic for two years. After the training he found himself in the middle of a days-long battle during a secret war in Laos. He began Special Forces training at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, after completing basic training and jump school, where he learned combat medicine’s ins and outs.

Source: https://www.military.com/history/special-forces-medic-earned-medal-of-honor-saving-60-lives-vietnam.html

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