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Saturday, December 10, 2022

This Is One of the Coolest Military Vehicles You Never Knew Existed | Motor Biscuit

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The United States Army is evaluating a new electric light tactical vehicle to determine the potential of cutting-edge technology.
The M1161 Growler is an Internally Transportable Light Strike Vehicle (ITV-LSV). A light tactical vehicle is a lightweight military vehicle that can convey combatants and their equipment. The Growler may be used for whatever duty the expeditionary unit required. It might launch a raid, establish a blocking position, extract a high-value target, or provide machine gun assistance for an assault. The next generation of light tactical vehicles will likely have improved suspension, more modularity, and perhaps hybrid or electric propulsion systems.
It is advantageous to place soldiers in a lightweight, tiny vehicle directly from the back of a helicopter. A whisper-quiet electric car is an intriguing possibility if mission limits permit. Given how adaptable military personnel must be, an EV may not yet be suitable for combat operations.
Source: https://www.motorbiscuit.com/one-of-the-coolest-military-vehicles-you-never-knew/


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