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Thursday, December 1, 2022

Things that no longer comfort me | Medium

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A viewpoint from Julia Steinberger Ecological economist at the University of Lausanne who is an immigrant and is Swiss-American. Focus of research is on ecologically sustainable human habitation.

Where can we really feel at ease? If you ever had stability and comfort, those days are long gone. Many individuals never did. The Holocene has passed. What is in front is still up in the air and subject to change. To change this, however, will need a fight for all of our lives. “We need to be little creatures who are learning to fight very very very fast and very very very well together against the brutal forces of domination which steer our current course.” she added

She included some “cancer analogies” to each category in the list below since she had survived cancer.

  1. Being slightly less worse
  2. Being slightly more efficient
  3. Being the exceptional, virtuous one
  4. Being unexceptional and normal
  5. Every little bit counts
  6. Progress is happening
  7. Not everything is shit yet

Source: https://jksteinberger.medium.com/things-that-no-longer-comfort-me-8fb1cb351f99



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