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Saturday, February 4, 2023

The US’s Syrian partners are still guarding hundreds of ISIS prisoners | Business Insider

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Thousands of ISIS militants are being imprisoned in northern Syria prison camps. On January 20, hundreds of ISIS inmates at the Ghweran jail staged an uprising and attempted to seize control of the Kurdish-run base. The SDF counterattacked and ended the insurrection, aided by US special operations and airstrikes. During the ten-day process, at least seven Kurdish fighters were slain. Western nations with nationals who have joined ISIS were taken aback.

This is uncharted ground legally, and governments were unsure how to handle such inmates. The elite US Army Delta Force was on the ground, assisting the Kurdish effort to end the uprising. Delta Force has a long history of collaboration with the YPG, the SDF’s primary force, stretching back to 2014-2015. Since the Gulf War and throughout and after the 2003 invasion of Iraq, US special operations teams have collaborated with the Kurds; a Green Beret told Insider. “I believe history will remember the Kurds as one of the most effective partner forces with whom the [US Army Special Forces] Regiment has ever operated,” he added. Washington has been chastised for depending on them to expose them to assault.



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