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Sunday, January 29, 2023

The US to increase security assistance to the Baltic states | Estonian World

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On December 20, the US Congress released the federal funding legislation for 2023, which contains a defense budget commitment of USD225 million as part of the Baltic Security Initiative, an increase of USD45 million or 20% over 2022. 

According to the Estonian defense ministry, the United States would allocate 350 million dollars from its annual defense budget to aid nations who have been harmed by Russian aggression. This is a significant step that is the outcome of long-term work on the part of Estonia, according to Jonatan Vseviov, secretary general of the Estonian foreign ministry. He congratulated Estonia’s allies in the alliance and stated, “The US decision to increase defense funding for the Baltic states shows that our strategic allied relationship is solid.” 

Source: https://estonianworld.com/security/the-us-to-increase-security-assistance-to-the-baltic-states/ 


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