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Tuesday, June 28, 2022

The Untold Story Of The Battle For Kyiv | Small Wars Journal

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The Ukrainian military continues to astonish the world after over 100 days. By waging a withdrawal effort against a far bigger invading Russian force, the Ukrainian army exchanged space for time and retreated inside the city boundaries of the national capital. If Putin’s army had captured Kyiv, President Zelensky’s administration might have fallen, and Ukraine could have lost the war. For his principal study, Dan Rice visited the battlefield of the Battle for Kyiv with leaders who were at pivotal periods in the Ukrainian War to date. He saw bombed-out structures, demolished gas stations, completely damaged Russian tanks looking east, and a highway bridge that the Ukrainians themselves had destroyed.

The Russians expected a blitzkrieg-style assault to conquer Kyiv’s capital city when they invaded utilizing Ukraine’s key roadways. On all planned assault routes, the Ukrainians spray-painted “Welcome to hell” on overpasses and signage. A successful psychological operations (PSYOPS) strategy against the Russians would wear down their morale. Since 2014, when Russia grabbed Crimea and Donbas and invaded Ukraine, the Ukrainian military prepared for this attack.

Over the last eight years, the Ukrainians, NATO, and the United States have constructed a multilayered operational defense to oppose this projected invasion. General Zaluzny wanted to replace the Soviet-style top-down hierarchical leadership with a more western approach. The effectiveness of Javelin missiles in defense of Kyiv has the potential to alter the character of armored combat profoundly. In the Ukrainian theater of action, these very inexpensive (compared to the cost of the tank) extremely deadly, and precise guided guns had a 93 percent strike rate.

And the consequences were often catastrophic. After a century of a tank battle, it is much too early to write the obituary, yet precision-guided, deadly missiles and ammunition will permanently alter warfare. In March of 2022, the Russian army of the north advanced on a critical position between Moschun and Irpin with 30,000 Russians vs. 3,000 Ukrainians. Massive losses halted the 40-mile-long tank column north of Kyiv for several days.

Source: https://smallwarsjournal.com/jrnl/art/untold-story-battle-kyiv


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