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Friday, December 2, 2022

The U.S. Is Losing Yet Another ‘War on Terror | Rolling Stone

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The Pentagon discreetly produced a report last month that said the United States isn’t succeeding in its goals despite sending troops to at least 22 countries in Africa.

It’s just the most recent example of systematic American military failures across the continent, which also include two decades of deployments, drone strikes, and commando raids in Somalia that have led to a deadlock and an ongoing wave of coups by American-trained officers across West Africa that the head of American commandos on the continent claimed were caused by American alliances with oppressive regimes. The Special Operations Command Africa, or SOCAFRICA, which is in charge of the most elite American forces stationed on the continent and has taken a major part in American military efforts to combat terrorist groups or, in military parlance, violent extremist organizations (VEOs), from Jama’at Nurat al Islam wal Muslimin in Burkina Faso to Ahlu Sunnah wa Jama’a in Mozambique, bears the brunt of the deteriorating security situation.



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