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Monday, December 5, 2022

The U.S. Army’s 101st Airborne is practicing for war with Russia just miles from Ukraine’s border | CBS News

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In a Black Hawk helicopter, CBS News traveled with Brigadier General John Lubas, the division’s deputy commander, and Colonel Edwin Matthaidess, commander of the 2nd Brigade Combat Team, for the hour-long trip to the very edge of NATO territory, which is only about three miles from Romania’s border with Ukraine.

The 101st Airborne Division of the U.S. Army has been sent to Europe for the first time in almost 80 years amid rising hostilities between Russia and the NATO military alliance, which is commanded by the United States. The “Screaming Eagles” light infantry force is trained to arrive on any battlefield in the world within hours and be prepared to engage in combat. According to Lubas, “we are prepared to defend every square inch of NATO territory. We are a light infantry unit, but once more, we carry that mobility with us for our planes and air assaults. We provide a unique capacity, from our air attack capability.” The war games so close to that border are a clear message to Russia and to America’s NATO allies that the U.S. Army is here. The drill was meant to recreate the battles Ukraine’s forces are fighting against Russian troops every day, just across the border. The tank rounds and artillery fire were real.



  1. Here we go! Hang on people! WWIII is right next door! Less than 3miles away! Putin is going to be fidgety on this! My only advise would be to contact your loved ones who are deployed and already there and send them a virtual hug or equivalent. This is the REAL SH_t!


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