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Thursday, January 26, 2023

The Tiger and his Cubs: The Syrian Regime’s Tiger Forces | Grey Dynamics

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The Syrian Arab Army’s 25th Special Mission Forces Division is a special forces division that was previously known as “Tiger Forces” (SAA). 

Due to their extensive training and adaptability, the Tiger Forces are a “hot commodity for any government offensive.” When the Syrian Armed Forces Central Command assigned Colonel Suheil al-Hassan the duty of organizing and commanding a Special Forces unit that could function as an offensive force in 2013, they discovered the Tiger Forces. Up until 2019, Tiger Forces were managed by Air Force Intelligence (AFI), ensuring that the unit had access to the scant air support that was available. There are numerous stories of Tiger Force men working in security capacities for a Wagner group subsidiary in Ukraine. 

Source: https://greydynamics.com/the-tiger-and-his-cubs-the-syrian-regimes-tiger-forces/ 


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