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Monday, September 26, 2022

The Theory Of SOF: Generating The Fog Of War Or Conducting Military Statecraft? | Small Wars Journal

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With unorthodox operational design and planning, SOF can develop mission sets, tasks, and objectives that increase the Friction of War. SOF are students of other cultures and languages trained in the culture of the enemy’s thinking, cuisine, popular culture, history, and different facets of reality. This profound understanding of the social underpinnings of the battle enables SOF to better comprehend the complexities of the fight and the enemy’s ideas and actions. For a military commander and his or her planners to be successful, they must be able to accurately recognize and evaluate the adversary, their TTP, their employment of weapon systems, and the operational environment. American commanders and strategists often underestimate the enemy’s ingenuity, motivation, resolve, and capabilities.

Enemies of the present and future will be driven by religious extremism, ideologies, racial and cultural fanaticism, and alternative Political and Economic philosophy. SOF may successfully conduct operations in any of the Environments mentioned above if the Operations are well-planned and the Operational Design is well-considered. The SOF planner must comprehend and get the Centers of Gravity properly. The Multi-Domain Operational Design and Approach for Special Operations Troops must be geared toward influencing, diminishing, and neutralizing (destroying) the: Leadership and its forces. In contrast to conventional warfighting techniques, SOF employs mostly indirect means of conflict or coercion.

Source: https://smallwarsjournal.com/jrnl/art/theory-sof-generating-fog-war-or-conducting-military-statecraft

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