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Friday, December 9, 2022

The seven levels of the war | News Eastern Europe

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There is much more to the continuing conflict in Ukraine than just the frontline fighting. In the end, it is a struggle for values, one that pushes the boundaries of theoretical world politics.


One must carefully investigate the multilayered nature of the current war in order to understand its essence. It is challenging to have a thorough knowledge of the ongoing intentions and tactics due to the existence of numerous concealed levels. We can comprehend the reasons of particular occurrences and undertake strategic modeling for the future by comprehending the multilayered nature of the current conflict, the various nature and timelines of its levels, and the fundamentally diverse goals of the participants. This makes it more difficult to interpret both present affairs and future scenarios. The levels of the current war are something we attempt to comprehend in this article, which was first written in 2014. It is impossible to successfully lead and win it without taking this step.

  1. Ukraine vs the “Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics”-Separatism
  2. Ukraine vs Russia- The anti-imperialist independence war
  3. Modern Ukraine vs the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic- The war of systems
  4. USA vs Russia (USSR)- The Second Cold War
  5. The war of scenarios- The covert level
  6. USA vs China-A slow war for world domination
  7. “The World of Borders” vs “The World of Roads”.-The ontological war



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