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Wednesday, August 10, 2022

The MAC-10 Submachine Gun: Everything You Need to Know | Fire Arms News

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The MAC-10: America’s Most Combat-Ready Machine Gun?

The submachine gun MAC-10 (Military Armament Corporation) was manufactured in 9mm and.45 ACP calibers. It is one of the least priced machine guns legally available in the United States. In the early 1980s, the $200 Tax Stamp was more expensive than the gun. The submachine pistol MAC-10 was used in the 1979 killings of John Panesso and Juan Carlos Hernandez in Miami. Apparently, out of spite, the assassins blasted the parking lot and neighboring stores with gunfire.

Later, authorities discovered the vehicle abandoned behind the shopping mall, containing over twenty guns. Before 1934, unlawful use of legal automatic firearms was nonexistent in the United States. The Ingram M-10 SMG is among the most straightforward contemporary military weaponry. This tiny, typically dependable, and simple-to-use stamped steel marvel originated on the blood-soaked battlefields of World War 2. After a protracted development period, Gordon Ingram, a World War II veteran, created the ideal buzz pistol for narcotics smugglers.

Due to their concealability, criminals choose pistols over machine guns. In the 1960s, Gordon Ingram invented the Ingram Model 10 submachine pistol for the Military Armament Corporation (MAC). The Model 10 was designed with a drawn tubular receiver and innovative features for law enforcement and prison personnel use. Similar to the German Bergmann MP35 and the Austrian Steyr AUG, a partial trigger pull generated semiautomatic firing while a complete draw activated the gun’s fully automatic mode. The Ingram submachine gun’s bolt telescopes over the barrel to create a tiny weapon.

The MAC fires through advanced primer ignition from an open bolt. The firing pin consists of a small dimple machined into the bolt face: The charging handle functions as travel safety and reciprocates with the bolt. Although technically functional, they have little value. The buttstock of the submachine guns of the MAC series is relatively unimportant.

However, it is better than nothing. The pistol handle is a forged steel box welded to the base of the frame assembly. In combat, the stock is weak, yet it contributes to the weapon’s steadiness. The Ingram M-11 is a scaled-down version of the M-10. The bigger Model 10 weighed the same as an M16 at 6.5 pounds.

Despite the shorter bolt travel, the giant MAC gun fired more than 1,000 rounds per minute. Expect 1,300 to 1,600 rpm depending on the ammunition used. Submachine guns were created with portability above controllability in mind. The initial designers compared the small weapon’s potential to saturate an area with.380ACP rounds to that of a shotgun. However, with proper technique, the gun is quite efficient against targets at close range.

The M-11 and 9mm M-10 may use the same silencer, despite having different mounts. The Military Armament Corporation imploded in 1974. The anticipated government contracts to purchase tens of thousands of firearms never materialized. In 1976, the company’s surviving assets were auctioned off. The MAC auction was the biggest sale of transferrable automatic weapons in the history of the United States.

Over forty-eight hours, almost nine thousand machine guns were sold. There were few buyers even at the lowest recorded price of $600 per pallet of one hundred M-10 firearms. RPB Industries stamped the reverse side of these frames, assigned serial numbers to them, and marketed them as complete firearms. Before 1986, many semi-auto and transferrable long-barreled full-auto carbines were manufactured. On the rare occasion when these bizarre firearms are available for purchase, they are exorbitantly priced.

Lage Manufacturing presently manufactures an assortment of aftermarket drop-in upper receivers that decrease the MAC’s famous fire rate and vastly enhance the human engineering of the weapons. Using Lage uppers transforms these infamous bullet hose guns into efficient and effective offensive and defense instruments. The 30-round and 50-round magazines shown by Shockwave Technologies are of far higher quality than the original 34-round plastic magazine from 1984. In the mid-1970s and early 1980s, the gun press was saturated with advertisements for MAC submachine guns. In the years before the machinegun prohibition in 1986, these cheap small buzz guns were mass-produced.

They remain the entry-level machinegun of choice for most enthusiasts even now. In 1987, when I spent $650 for my first MAC-10, I felt like I was being ripped off. The MAC submachine guns were intended primarily for use against sentries. Even today, few SMGs would be more effective when equipped with a suppressor and used at close range. Few M-10s were used by the British SAS, Israeli Special Forces, and U.S. Navy SEALs for operational purposes.

The founding members of MAC hoped to sell thousands of firearms to the U.S. military as M1911A1 replacements. In his 1974 film McQ, John Wayne introduced the world to the M-10 submachine pistol. Capstick had his men build a trench around the forest and fill it with gasoline, leaving just one entrance. A heinous bloodbath ensued as soon as the track was set on fire. The gruesome narrative would not play well at a PETA conference, but it is worth the price of the book on its own.

In 1981, Kurt Russell drew more attention to the MAC-10 than John Wayne did in the John Carpenter movie Escape from New York. According to legend, the Duke was not easily agitated and never spilled his drink. Today, you may get MAC components from FTF Industries.

Source: https://www.firearmsnews.com/editorial/mac-10-submachine-gun/462788

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