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Friday, December 2, 2022

The fighting in Ukraine shows the vulnerability of one of modern militaries’ most important weapons | Business Insider

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The Ukrainian war compels the United States military to reconsider its air-assault doctrine. 

Drones and other small, portable weapons have reignited the debate on the vulnerability of heavy-duty military equipment on current battlefields. Sash Tusa, an analyst, stated that the technical advancements in sensors and anti-aircraft weaponry on show in Ukraine indicate that air assault and helicopter combat operations are becoming less feasible. US air-assault doctrine is not reflective of US friends and partners since it depends on technical and numerical dominance in modern weapons. The airspace above Ukraine is fraught with dangers for fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft. Anti-aircraft weapon systems with long and medium ranges, such as the S-200, -300, and -400, make high-altitude missions hazardous for both sides. 

Even Ukrainian anti-tank missiles were employed to fire down low-flying Russian helicopters. Since neither side possesses the night-flying capabilities of the United States military, they must accept the danger of flying during the day. Neither side maintains effective countermeasures to assist its aircraft in repelling incoming attacks. Ukrainian and Russian pilots might use many tactics, methods, and procedures to maximize their survival. US helicopters would need to operate successfully in disputed regions in a confrontation with China or Russia. In such conflicts, US military leaders should anticipate increased helicopter losses, although US aviators assert that adhering to fundamentals might help lessen dangers. 

Source: https://www.businessinsider.com/fighting-in-ukraine-shows-growing-vulnerability-of-helicopters-2022-6 


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