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Saturday, December 3, 2022

The end of the brown beret: Air Force special ops squadron shuts down after 28 years advising allied aviators | Task and Purpose

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Only two Air Force units, the 6th Special Operations Squadron was tasked with teaching foreign air forces how to employ light aircraft to combat insurgents, terrorists, and other dangers in their own nations. 


Lt. Col. Sean Williams, commander of the 6th SOS, stated at the event on Thursday, “The unit had a major influence around the world as one of the very few units to complete this mission.” Today is a milestone rather than a destination or the conclusion of a given endeavor. The unit closures take place when the broader Air Force pivots to abandon insurgent operations and invests a considerable portion of its resources in getting ready for the likelihood of a major conventional conflict. The 6th and 711th SOS closely resembled American units during their entire contemporary existence. due to the latter’s proficiency in preparing allies and partners for on-the-ground combat, Army Special Forces units. In the air, combat aviation advisors carry out the same functions. In reality, combat aviation adviser Air Force Master Sgt. Justin Prewitt stated on the Air Force Special Warfare veteran-run podcast Ones Ready that CAAs and Green Berets frequently work side by side downrange.


Source: https://taskandpurpose.com/news/air-force-brown-beret-6th-special-operations-inactivation/


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