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Friday, March 24, 2023

The Dumbest Forms of Cardio – Opinion from Top Coach | Boxrox

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If you think that doing any cardio will make you any better, then you are definitely wrong. In fact, there is this thing called “the dumbest forms of cardio”, and you could be one of the people who are doing it. According to Jeff Cavaliere, head physical therapist of the New York Mets for three years and YouTube sensation, cardio machines, jogging, HIIT, and Tabata are four of the dumbest forms of cardio. To set things clear, he isn’t saying that these cardio exercises are not effective. What he is trying to say is that when not done properly, these can be dangerous for your health.

Source: https://www.boxrox.com/the-dumbest-forms-of-cardio-opinion-from-top-coach/


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