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Tuesday, December 6, 2022

The Curious Afterlife of a Brain Trauma Survivor | Wired 

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Sophie began to envision a different kind of self, After all her experiences of relentlessly searching the slippery depths of her identity.

Through her experiences of ceaselessly exploring the deep core of her identity, Sophie had managed to envision a different kind of self. Sophie’s traumatic brain injury (TBI) was believed to have an impact on her executive functioning, especially her ability to control her inhibitions. As a result, she became less reserved, acting openly, and speaking enthusiastically, “It was like losing a child, but a physical representation of that child is still living, and we had to get to know who she was,” Jane said- mother of Sophie. Sophie feels that when tragedies shatter our lives, we need to sew our tales back together with a fresh through-line in order to give them new meaning and coherence. She earned her bachelor of science in biopsychology in June 2020 and accepted a part-time position at the university’s Society for Students with a Disability

Source: The Curious Afterlife of a Brain Trauma Survivor | WIRED


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