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Friday, March 24, 2023

The civil war in Myanmar: No end in sight | Brookings

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The civil war in Myanmar is likely to escalate in 2023, with no end in sight, according to Yun Sun, writing for the Brookings Institution. 

The military junta that seized power in a coup d’état in February 2021 has shown no appetite for political concessions or negotiation with the resistance movement. With uncertainty surrounding the postponed general elections this year, which most speculate will be neither free nor fair nor legitimate, the fighting is expected to intensify. The National Unity Government (NUG) has formed a shadow civilian government and armed wing called the People’s Defense Force (PDF), which by 2022 had grown to more than 250 units with more than 65,000 troops. Although the resistance is still fragmented, it has somewhat improved in 2022 with different militias and units under the PDF framework sharing the common aspiration of driving the military out of power.



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