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Saturday, February 4, 2023

The CIA Is Looking for Russians Who Are ‘Disgusted’ with the Ukraine War to Recruit as Spies | Military.com

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According to David Marlowe, the CIA’s deputy director of operations, the agency is attempting to hire Russians who are “disgusted” with the Ukraine war as spies. 

The Wall Street Journal, which broke the story first, noted similarities between his remarks and those made by former senior CIA officers who claimed that discontent with the conflict in Ukraine has made it easy to enlist disgruntled military personnel, oligarchs who have suffered financial losses, and people who have fled the country. For its contribution to the continuing conflict in Ukraine, the intelligence community has received plaudits from MI5 Director General Ken McCallum. He claimed that these efforts have “hit the most major strategic blow against the Russian Intelligence Services in recent European history.” 



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