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Thursday, January 26, 2023

The Best Military Watches to Collect (And Why You Should Be Collecting Them) | Inside Hook

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Field watches, dive watches, pilot’s watches, and even pocket watches are just a few of the many variations of military watches. Some things are just pricier. 

For instance, a pocket watch can make a wonderful desk accent when placed on a wooden stand designed for that purpose. Given their intended use, military timepieces differ somewhat from other types of watches. There are several reasons why military watches are fantastic: They are made to be practical and functional, and strangely, this design objective frequently yields an innately appealing aesthetic for anyone drawn to such attributes. 

  • A-11 
  • A-17/A17A 
  • MIL-W-46374/GG-W-113 
  • W.W.W. “Dirty Dozen”  
  • Marathon TSAR/GSAR/MSAR 
  • Eterna Kon-Tiki Super 
  • “Bundeswehr” Chronograph 
  • CWC Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm Pilot’s Mechanical Chronograph 



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