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Friday, December 2, 2022

Tear gas video triggers investigation into Navy SEAL selection course | CBS News

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An examination into the Navy SEAL selection process is sparked by a tear gas video. Whether the gas was supplied at a close range for an extended period of time is being investigated. 

It also examines if the instructors intended to mistreat or punish the SEALS, which would be against the law, or whether they were just ignorant of the required protocol. According to a video obtained by CBS News, Navy SEAL recruits were instructed to sing “Happy Birthday” while being engulfed in a cloud of tear gas on San Clemente Island in California last year so they couldn’t hold their breath. Tear gas exposure is a required component of SEAL training, but the video prompted concerns about how it was conducted. 

Source: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/navy-seal-tear-gas-video-investigation/


  1. Navy Seabees did the same in our combat training. Open your arms, run fast, and (as one other vet said) SUCK IT UP!!! Complain later about it over some beer!! URAH!!!

  2. Tear gas is nothing! Sucked it up in the Marines. No big deal! Great way to clear the sinuses! Leave the military alone so we can continue to do the work that most of Americans don’t have the stomach for! Protecting our freedom is dirty, gut wrenching work! Leave us to it and butt out, or move to China, Russia, North Korea, or some other arm pit county where there is no freedom!

  3. This was week one stuff at Ft. Benning, home of the Army Infantry. Everyone got to go through this. Even the stock photo shows Army soldiers. So are run of the mill Army infantry tougher than SEALS? I never heard of any troops whining to their mommas about it.


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