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Friday, December 2, 2022

Swiss Air Force Demos Insane Target Practice Through Mountains | Boss Hunting

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The AXALP annual airshow, where the Swiss Air Force lets visitors watch, its heavy-duty equipment conduct live-fire target training in the mountains, as the headline suggests (and above the Swiss ski town of Axalp, no less). Many have dubbed the following exhibition, which took place at the Ebenfluh shooting range near the summit of the 7,614-foot (2,321-meter) high Axalphorn mountain in central Switzerland, the finest air show ever seen. The Axalp Air Power Demonstration’s beginnings are said to date back to World War II, when General Guisan proposed that both Swiss military personnel and citizens flee to the mountains, owing to the prospect of a Nazi German invasion. The Swiss Air Force was also forced to reconsider its capacity to target enemy ground forces in the Alps as a result of this danger.


Source: https://www.bosshunting.com.au/motors/planes/swiss-air-force-target-practice-mountains/


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