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Friday, December 2, 2022

Strength training key to long life? Weak muscles ‘could be the new smoking’ when it comes to healthy aging | Study Finds

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According to recent research from the University of Michigan, you might want to buy some weights and sign up for a strength training program.

A recent study found that weak muscles might have a similar impact on your long-term health as smoking cigarettes! Each person ages differently. Take two adults who are both 60 years old. Even if the two persons may be the same age chronologically, one of them may be far younger than the other in terms of biological aging. More than only the number of days on the calendar affect aging; genetic, environmental, and behavioral factors also have a significant impact. Smoking, eating poorly, and leading a sedentary lifestyle are all thought to hasten biological aging processes. A serious illness can speed up the aging process in the body. In other words, your body can be aging considerably more quickly than your driver’s license birthday indicates. For the first time ever, the team at UM establishes a link between increased biological age and muscle weakness shown by grip strength, a proxy for overall strength capacity. The results show that your biological age increases as your grip strength decreases.In 1,274 individuals, all of whom were middle-aged or older people, the Michigan Medicine team modeled the link between biological age and grip strength. Three “age acceleration clocks” based on DNA methylation, a procedure that produces a biological biomarker and estimator of the rate of aging, were used to achieve this.



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