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Friday, December 2, 2022

Startup Finding Special Ops Customers for Jetpack | National Defense

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Two guys in fatigues flying jetpacks greeted attendees as they were transported to a security conference. Richard Browning, the founder and chief test pilot of Gravity Industries, was one of them. 

He flew around the starboard side of the ferry from the makeshift loading dock of the HMS Queen Elizabeth. After the presentation, Browning spoke with reporters outside the Atlantic Future Forum about the serious and amusing sides of the jetpack industry. He declined to name them, but the company has so far worked with six special operations customers on the suits. It also adds to its profits by entertaining people by flying the vehicles. He recently made an appearance in a dinner jacket at a yacht event in Monaco. The idea of a jetpack is not new. One was created by NASA for astronauts, and the first one took to the air in 1961. In his garage in Surrey, England, Browning began working on a contemporary version in 2016. A year later, he had a functioning prototype and received backing from a venture capitalist.



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