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Monday, December 5, 2022

St. Cloud man returns to Minnesota after fighting for Ukrainian Army | CBS

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Elias Partridge, age 31, quit his job at Amazon in St. Cloud to aid the Ukrainian people in their battle for independence. He fought with other volunteers from the United Kingdom and Europe who were similarly obligated to assist Ukrainians to maintain their ranks for two months. According to him, he immediately recognized the resolve of the Ukrainian people. Elias Partridge first believed he was joining the foreign legion when he enrolled in the Ukrainian army but quickly found he was genuinely joining the military. Elias said he trained for 2 weeks before being given a military ID and fatigues. He speaks three languages fluently, including Russian. His enrollment was voluntary and was then terminated when he returned to the United States. “We were primarily support and reinforcements. There is still a lot going on the unit is still active so I can’t get into all the specifics,” said Elias.

Source: https://www.cbsnews.com/minnesota/news/st-cloud-man-returns-to-minnesota-after-fighting-for-ukrainian-army/


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