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Thursday, December 1, 2022

Special Operations: Turning Patterns Into Algorithms | Strategy Page

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The boundary pushing nature of special operations means they are often privileged with testing groundbreaking technology. The armed forces recognize the opportunity to put equipment to the test on the margins of success so that it may be studied and improved. One recent example of Army innovation came from Army reserve officer, 2nd Lt. Christian Lance Relleve, whose academic background in architecture, human security, and global intelligence led him to develop an algorithm that can predict a building’s interior layouts.

His code uses details like the country a building is in, the apparent purpose of the building, and its external features to predict interior layouts with up to 70% accuracy. The program is intended to be used for mission planning where no information about a target structure can be obtained beforehand. A good estimation is an acceptable substitute for zero information. Several attempts at such a program have been tried but Relleve’s work was intriguing to defense contractors who observed the product at the Army’s Dragon’s Lair shark tank style competition. Relleve declined offers in favor of further refining his program

Source: https://strategypage.com/htmw/htsf/20211229.aspx


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