The Special Forces Association (SFA) is the principle fraternal veteran organization serving the needs of the total Special Forces Community. Elections for SFA President, Vice President, Treasurer, and various other key positions are coming up.

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Candidate Backgrounds:


I want to continue to serve our Special Forces Regiment.  For thirty years I have lead a soldier’s life. I have commanded Infantry and Special Forces units. My SF linage is with the 1st Special Forces Group and its area of operations. I commanded its 1st BN and the Joint Special Operations Task Force Philippines during the Global War on Terror.

A good leader lives to command but in reality, spends a good portion of his career as a staff officer. A good staff officer is a consensus builder. I served on several Theater level staffs and as a Chief of Staff twice. I served as the Special Forces Branch Chief and as a lecturer on the faculty of the National War College.  I continue to serve the Regiment indirectly by teaching graduate students who aspire to be policy makers in a class titled Unconventional Warfare and Special Operations for Policy Makers and Strategists.

Our Board will be a bottom up-not a top down organization that will focus on supporting the Regiment.

My aim is to fully support the Soldiers of the Regiment by tapping into the collective wisdom and experience of the members of the Special Forces Association. We have a global SF network that continues to serve.  I believe the Association can be a positive force to protect and improve the Regiment by passing on knowledge and supporting it by being a voice and a face to the public to advocate for and tell the real story of our active duty quiet professionals.


Nick should be well-known to the membership of the SFA. He has served on the National Board of Officers for 6 years as the External Director of Communications. Simply stated, if you have enjoyed the Drop for the last 6 years then you will love the job that he will do as your VP. I also understand that he wrote a very well received article in your magazine.

We have a balanced slate-a slate which is reflective of today’s SFA Membership. A general balance between current force and Vietnam Era Members between the active and reserve components. Nick served in both the Active Army and the Army National Guard. He served in the 8th, 5th and 20th Special Forces Groups and in the 26th and 28th INF Divisions. In Vietnam he served on an A-Team at Plei Me.

After activity duty he balanced his continuing military service with a thriving legal practice. After law school he grew his firm from 1 secretary until it employed over 250 individuals in 14 states. Nick will bring a national class legal mind, with proven business skills to the new NBO.


Henry is the ultimate warrior poet. Henry served on the II-Corp Mike Force and is not only a life member of the SFA but also a life member of the SOA. He served in the 5th, 10th, 11th Special Forces Groups as well as the 46th SF Company in Thailand.

He has had a varied and highly successfully business career as an owner, developer and financial advisor. He also has served as a Councilman for the City of Allentown, PA. For the last 20 years, he has focused on public education with particular emphasis in the development, administration and management of charter schools. Henry has real world experience in developing, securing and imposing best management practices in drafting, implementing and securing compliance with published budgets. He has a history of taking financially troubled businesses and non-profit organizations, turning them around and leaving them fiscally solvent.

Simply stated, Henry is needed now by the SFA. We are lucky that he is willing to devote the time and energy to help fiscally stabilize and then grow the SFA’s fiscal base.


What differentiates an armed mob from a professional military unit? Most would say that it is leadership but what is leadership without the ability to communicate? Across the full spectrum of interaction between the NBO and our membership is the need to improve and enhance the communication and flow of information.

Brian has spent his adult life in public communications. From his BA and MA in journalism, to his military career, to his 50+ years as a professional journalist, he has been a spokesperson for not only the military but also for the clients of his two very successful public communication firms. As a testament to the quality of his professionalism and the quality of the body of his life’s work, Brian was elected to the El Passo Sports Hall of Fame (Sports Photojournalist).

Brian is devoted to the SFA. He wants to do more. As I write this Brian is the Chairman of the 2018 SFA Convention in El Passo. He served in the 12th Special Forces Group.


Doug is representative of the best of the Special Forces Community. He is a West Point Graduate. He has served in the 10th Mountain Division and the 10th SFG. He has fought the Global War on Terror on three continents.

Today, Doug leads a very busy life. He is a full-time graduate student at Georgetown University where he is completing his Master’s degree in its Strategic Studies Program; he works as a contractor in the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence’s Sensitive Special Operations Division and is a member of the MDANG Special Forces Community.

This busy life has not prevented him from being a leading contributing author to not only our Drop but also to several books including Special Forces: A Unique National Asset and The Strong Gray Line: War-time Reflections from the West Point Class of 2004.

His scholarship and writing skills will insure that the current quality of content in our Drop Magazine continues unabated.

I could have written more about each member of our Slate. Be assured that you will be receiving more information in the near future. Elections have consequences.  All candidates should join us in hoping that you not only vote but also that you make informed choices  Over this campaign compare backgrounds, bios and platforms. Vote for the most qualified candidates-our Association deserves no less.