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Thursday, January 26, 2023

Soldier’s Heartfelt Message from Battlefield to All Ukrainian Mothers | Newsweek

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In a recent video, a Ukrainian soldier can be heard sharing a heartfelt message for mothers of Ukrainian soldiers that ” they will all come back” to their homes. 

 The unnamed soldier made the statements in a video message shared by Ukraine’s Ministry of Defense on Twitter on Tuesday morning. “Mom hello! I ate, dressed warmly, put on a hat and I am going for a walk. No need to worry. My friends are with me. We will behave well,” the soldier said in the video, set against the snow-covered countryside. He then said: “See you, at home,” while blowing a kiss, his message is not only for his mother but for all the moms of Ukrainian servicemen. The U.S. is likely to announce a “substantial” military aid package to Ukraine on Tuesday to help Ukraine whether the strikes on its energy infrastructure. 



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