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Monday, December 5, 2022

SOFX Black

SOFX Network,

The mission of SOFX has and always will be to fight evil and avert suffering, at scale. One thing we promise all subscribers and users is that we will never rent, sell, or share any of your personal and private information.

Many people don’t realize that their free email address is not actually free. That Gmail and Yahoo account you signed up for in just a couple minutes? They both store and share your information with outside companies, and we don’t just mean your email address. All of the content within the emails and messages you send can be analyzed by a computer in order to create targeted advertisements. All of this information can then be shared with anyone ranging from travel agencies to social media companies, as well as those who create advertising based off of the email you sent to your family member.

Perhaps one of the most concerning data sharing platforms comes in the form of video conferencing. With the coronavirus pandemic leading many to work from home, companies such as Zoom have exploded in our society as everyone strives to remain connected with work and family. However, these video teleconference platforms are no better at keeping your data secure than the ones that control your email address. Zoom shares your information with 3rd parties and can even take a recording of your video meeting and transcribe it for advertising purposes.

Many of these companies such as Google also allow you to upload and store other types of information such as your contact list and calendar. Anything you upload into these platforms is accessible as well. This means that Google sees and shares with another company that you have a doctor appointment on Main Street at 4pm next Tuesday. Your list of emails, phone numbers, your birthday, appointments, and your child’s sports practice are all up for grabs.

This is why we have decided to create SOFX Black. SOFX Black is a membership program that runs exclusively on the SOFX.NET environment. This is a private communication network managed by former US Special Operators who put the treatment of your privacy and data ahead of a profit motive. All information, including your email address, will never be rented, sold, or shared with any other company.

Your SOFX Black membership is run through our Microsoft 365 Enterprise Cloud business account rather than the average outlook email servers. This provides you with added safety features through advanced security protocols in order to prevent hacking. These filters and anti-malware protection services also apply to the other Cloud features you will have access to.


With SOFX Black you receive the following benefits and features:

  • [email protected] Microsoft 365 Enterprise Cloud based Email Account (or [email protected])
  • Secure Video teleconferencing through Microsoft TEAMs on highly secure SOFX.NET environment
  • Secure Calendaring
  • Secure Contact Book
  • SOFX U.S. Former Special Operator Employees are system administrating the SOFX.NET environment
  • Exclusive SOFX Black membership ONLY programs, such as the Subscriber Referral Program, the Bounty Hunter Program, and the Consulting Associate Program
  • 25% discount on SOFX General Branded Merchandise at SOFXMarket.com
  • Special SOFX BLACK member merchandise not available to general public.
  • Membership in an elite network of high impact people with future access to SOFX Black community portal.

This all comes at a monthly cost of $9.99. You can cancel at any time, and we will assist you with exporting your traffic, contact book, and data should you decide to leave. Your data is your data. We respect this fundamental concept, and you as a person.

-Sam Havelock, CEO & Founder of SOFX