SOFX Presents: Titan Retention

Dylan Dille is a Navy veteran who found inspiration to create a much needed product through his service and experience in the military. The following is Dylan’s story of the company and his inspiration to create the Titan Retention Strap.

After about half a decade of struggling with bungee and homemade weapons retention catches that simply didn’t get the job done I started tinkering with a real solution in my garage. So many times the industry really misses the mark with the real needs and wants of operators. 

Long story short, we now make a weapons retention strap that holds a weapon securely to body armor during activities such as breaching, fast roping, rappelling, prisoner handling, providing TCCC, and just about any activity requiring the use of both hands. Nothing worse than getting punched in the face by your rifle while doing all of the above. The product is made in the USA, Berry compliant, patent pending and has a lifetime warranty. 

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