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Monday, December 5, 2022


Free communications services make their money by advertising to you and sharing your information with third-party vendors. That is exactly how you wind up getting marketing emails you never asked for. These large tech companies use the content of your communications to generate personalized advertisements and model your behavior, your finances, and your preferences. With the onslaught of artificial intelligence, it will only get worse. Insights about every aspect of what you do on your free communications services gets auctioned off every day. There is no such thing as free communications. Providing communication services like email, voice over IP, chat, and teleconferencing costs money. Someone has to pay for that. You do, with your data.

Read any of the Terms of Service you were asked to agree to, and every statement we make is there to see in black and white. It must be the case that if you are not paying, access to you and your data is the product these companies are selling.

Our business model doesn’t work that way. We charge a nominal sum to provide top quality communication services at several levels of security. Maintaining your privacy and the security of the network is our one and only priority.

We created the SOFX.NET environment as a secure platform for email, video calling, scheduling, record keeping, and more. We will never rent, sell, or share your information with anyone, and we will never read the content of your emails.

You can apply for your own Microsoft 365 Enterprise Cloud email address and account on the SOFX.NET environment HERE.

You can access the login space for your SOFX.NET account HERE.