SOFX – ChoiceWorks Program

What Got You Where You Are…May Not Get You Where You Want To Be!

If you want to continue to lead in the private sector and increase your chances of success as you design a civilian career, please consider this no cost, no strings attached, free offer.

This is not an attempt to sell anything.

This is a free, limited time program offered by SOFX and ChoiceWorks, Inc.

Facts to consider – You are moving into an environment where:

  • Over 80% of the people you may find yourself working for and with, holding the title of “manager”, are poorly equipped to do their jobs. (Gallop Research)
  • More than 65% of working people in US organizations are not fully engaged in the work they do. (Gallop and Blessing White Research)
  • Most advancement within business organizations is based less on competency and more on established relationships. (Gallop Research)
  • Within many business organizations, you may have limited power to direct and discipline your “subordinates”, even if you’re the “boss”. (Experience and the law tell us this)

You may need additional capabilities to be an Expert Leader in Civilian environments.

If you are a Special Operations Veteran considering transition to the private sector, and you want to continue to lead in the civilian world, chances are you will need to balance your expectations and use the skills and strengths you have in new ways. We want to help a few committed people make this transition, at no cost to them and with no strings attached. All you have to do is be willing to undertake a short professional development and coaching process we can deliver to you wherever you are to help you make that leap.

We are offering you this opportunity for no reason other than to give back to the Nation and the people who defend it. SOFX has partnered with ChoiceWorks, Inc.; a private-sector consulting firm with 18 years of extraordinary results helping people succeed in the business world.

ChoiceWorks has been engaged by blue-chip organizations like AT&T, Lucent Technologies, Kaiser Permanente, Microsoft, the IRS, and many large and small businesses around the United States.  ChoiceWorks has previously worked with and came to be trusted by the founders of SOFX, and a number of SOF veterans who have separated and found great value in the collaboration.  The Teams at SOFX and ChoiceWorks have partnered to give away a very limited number of personal development packages ChoiceWorks sells to private corporations to help you, at no cost, make the big leap you are about to take. Each individual program has a commercial value of well over $1500 per person.

Here is what we are offering to one transition SOF person each month:

  1. An online assessment of your thinking, behavior, acumen, motivations, skills and competencies. You fill out an online questionnaire and we generate about 90 pages of information that will help you understand your strengths and some limitations.
  2. You will receive a full written analysis and summary of this data.
  3. A one and a half hour telephone debrief and coaching session of your assessment.
  4. A written follow up containing suggestions for your professional development including identification of future roles that offers the highest likelihood of making you happy.
  5. Up to two additional coaching and review sessions to answer questions and help you take next steps.
  6. You will work with Steve Morris, a certified analyst in this arena of people’s thinking, behavior, motivations, perceptions and emotional intelligence. Steve has reviewed and analyzed the assessments of approximately 6000 employees from CEOs to front line production workers. He brings to the process over 40 years of successful management experience as a leader, entrepreneur and consultant in more than 30 different industries.
  7. You will receive coaching from Steve or Jill Morris, who holds a master’s degree in Social Anthropology and has been a corporate trainer and executive coach for over 25 years.

*ChoiceWorks Inc. is an organizational development consultancy. Steve and Jill want to give back to the nation and the people who serve it. Neither they nor SOFX receive any compensation of any kind for their work with veterans. TTI Inc., the creators of the assessments used to help ChoiceWorks clients are also donating their products for use in this program.

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