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Tuesday, March 21, 2023

So you think you can fake your own death? | Linkedin

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Faking your death – thinking about it and doing it happens more than you realize 

The concept of faking one’s own death occurred to author Elizabeth Greenwood after a talk with a friend. She dreamt of locating a sun-bleached nation with a shaky administration and no extradition policy, then slipping through the gaps and vanishing without a trace. People try to fake their death in both idea and practice with astonishing regularity. 

This discussion resulted in a multi-year investigation to hunt down persons who faked their own deaths and interview professionals in the art of vanishing. The author picked up a few Dos and Don’ts along the road. Here are some points to remember while arranging your untimely end, regardless of your motivation or location. 

Do not follow popular wisdom. 

Don’t be too imaginative. 

Don’t Google your own name. 

Try replacing your light bulbs. 

Avoid assuming a false identity. 

Do stay close enough to the truth. 

Source: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/so-you-think-can-fake-your-own-death-elizabeth-greenwood  


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