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Monday, September 26, 2022

Sig’s Rattler Will Be U.S. Special Operators’ New Tiny Rifle | The Drive

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The Special Operations Command has selected a new compact weapon for future operations.

Like full-size assault rifles, Sig Sauer’s MCX Rattler short-barreled rifles are chambered in.300 Blackout and 5.56x45mm ammunition. Since no contract has been granted, it is uncertain how many of these tiny weapons SOCOM will purchase. The announcement said, “After years of ongoing market study, USSOCOM HQ has determined that Sig Sauer is the sole vendor capable of meeting [its] commercial PDW criteria.”

2017 marked the beginning of the Army’s hunt for a lightweight, compact weapon that “would enable operators to have maximum firepower in a concealable weapon.” Sig Sauer’s MCX rifles, notably the Rattler, employ a physical gas piston to cycle the action instead of the direct impingement method of the AR-15/M16 series.

The operating mechanism of the Rattler should also simplify and reduce the requirement for field maintenance. SOCOM has awarded Sig Sauer’s MCX-based assault rifle, the Rattler, a contract to replace the M4/M4A1 in close combat troops. Sig has just been awarded a substantial contract for a new infantry rifle and squad automatic weapon based on the MCX.

Source: https://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/this-itty-bitty-assault-rifle-will-be-special-operators-new-personal-defense-weapon


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