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Monday, December 5, 2022

See the first 36 groups that won coveted licenses to sell recreational cannabis in New York, including Housing Works and The Doe Fund | Business Insider

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The first 36 organizations that will be permitted to sell cannabis in New York were certified by state regulators on Monday

There are eight NGOs in the alliance, including The Doe Fund and Housing Works. Before building retail storefronts, the license holders will be able to start transporting cannabis. Marking the long-awaited beginning of the state’s adult-use marijuana industry. The 36 licensees comprise 28 groups of “justice-involved” people who have managed successful enterprises in the past and have been found guilty of prior cannabis-related charges in New York State. The remaining eight are charities, including The Doe Fund, Housing Works, and others. Wright has stated time and time again that cannabis sales would start in New York before the year is out. This is a crucial action in keeping that commitment while the clock is still running. The Conditional Adult-Use Retail Dispensary (CAURD) initiative, which gives priority to persons who have been hurt by the drug war, will provide 150 licenses in total over the upcoming months. In March of last year, cannabis became legal in New York.




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