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Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Scientists Turn Silkworm Thread Into World’s Most Powerful Natural Material | Zenger

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According to a new study, silkworm thread has been transformed into the most potent natural material in the world.

By removing a sticky outer coating and manually spinning it, scientists have increased its strength to 70% that of a spider’s. It is woven into intricate structures to benefit humanity and is capable of supporting objects that are hundreds of times bigger than it. “Our study reverses the prevailing perception that silkworm silk cannot compete with spider silk on mechanical performance,” stated senior author Dr. Zhi Lin, a biochemist at Tianjin University.  Due to its biocompatibility and biodegradability, it is now more likely to be used in biomedicine for tissue regeneration, surgical mesh, and stitches.They produce strong, lightweight, and elastic fibers. These two varieties of silk have potential applications in both the medical field and the armed forces.

Source: https://www.zenger.news/2022/10/11/scientists-turn-silkworm-thread-into-worlds-most-powerful-natural-material/


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