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Monday, September 26, 2022

SAS killings: Former head of UK armed forces says he would order investigation | BBC

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Lord Richards has “no doubt” that the current chief of the military staff will conduct an investigation. He reacted to a BBC report investigating possible illegal SAS shootings. According to the Ministry of Defense, no new proof has been submitted. It was said that the BBC had drawn “unjustified inferences” from previously examined complaints. An investigation overseen by a court should be launched to reexamine evidence of Special Forces abuses in Afghanistan, according to a former judge.

The BBC’s Panorama investigation found claims of extrajudicial executions and planting so-called “drop weapons.” The Armed Forces Minister of the United Kingdom said, “We will examine any fresh evidence of offenses.” According to the Ministry of Defense, the BBC drew “unjustified conclusions” from an inquiry into claims about the conduct of British personnel in Afghanistan. Royal Military Police detectives who worked on Operation Northmoor told Panorama that their attempts to collect the evidence had been impeded. Investigators reported being prevented from reaching the locations of shootings and thwarted their efforts to question top management. RMP said that the SAS suffered from “regimental forgetfulness” and alleged that its members had been “coached” by other SAS personnel before interviews.

Source: https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-politics-62139061

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