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Saturday, February 4, 2023

Russia’s military unit 54777, disinformation and psychological operations abroad | Insight News Media

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Military intelligence psychological operations are carried out by Russian military unit 54777, also known as the 72nd Special Service Center or the Foreign Information and Communication Service of the Main Directorate of the General Staff. 

From the start, the Russian army’s units for psychological warfare and misinformation were designed to be more aggressive than their direct Soviet predecessors. The ability to collaborate with any government agency, non-profit, or religious group was also granted to psychological operation units. Newspapers, social media platforms, television networks, sports groups, tour operators, and their personnel are all potential allies in the intelligence’s information battles.  However, the Russians were able to circumvent the ban by simply releasing RT propaganda films from other accounts. Russian disinformation tactics, though, do not just target Ukraine. They attempted to convince people that the West was to blame for the increase in product prices and the decline in global food security. 



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