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Friday, December 2, 2022

Russia’s growing Ukraine occupation partisan resistance problem | The Week

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In their struggle against the Russian/separatist invaders, Ukraine’s increasingly successful armed resistance movement uses a “scorched earth” strategy.

According to Serhii Kuzan, chairman of the Ukrainian Center for Security and Cooperation think tank, their purpose is to ensure “the adversary never feels comfortable.” The unofficial centre of Ukraine’s resistance is Melitopol, a major railway junction in Ukraine’s southern Zaporizhzhia oblast that Russia conquered on its third day of the assault. According to an expert, Russian troops’ morale has been impacted by Ukrainian partisan activities. The result might be a virtual encirclement of Russia’s military forces. Russia has also attempted to minimize military assaults.

Verifying assaults by covert partisans is difficult, if not impossible, for Western news media. The scale and form of the insurgency in southern Ukraine are unknown. The revolution, however, is rising, according to Ukrainian authorities and international researchers. The Special Operations Forces of the Ukrainian Armed Forces are in charge of coordinating the insurgency. Russia seems to be relying on conscripts from Donetsk and Luhansk to make up for its manpower shortages.

According to The Economist, Russia’s intelligence agencies seem to have gained access to classified military files and are targeting prospective pro-Ukrainian sympathies. Russian officers visit the houses of Ukrainian soldiers in Kherson. Naturally, Russia will want to suppress and eliminate the insurgents,” argues Rutgers historian Motyl. The Ukrainian government has created a website called the Center of National Resistance, which provides instructions on engaging in guerilla warfare. The site claims that “it is important to become an unseen avenger whom the occupiers will dread.” One example is step-by-step instructions on hot-wire a Soviet-era tank or another armoured vehicle.



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