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Monday, December 5, 2022

Russians say ‘foreigners helped’ Ukrainian special forces before explosion on Crimean bridge | Brytfmonline

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The Russians are now asserting that the explosion on the Crimean Bridge was caused by a truck. 

The vehicle must have traveled through Bulgaria, Georgia, Armenia, North Ossetia, and Krasnodar in southern Russia, according to Alexander Bastrykin, head of the Russian Investigative Committee. Additionally, according to Bastrykin, foreigners, and Russians worked together to help the Ukrainian special forces be ready for the operation. According to Reuters, the Russian authorities revealed that the bridge has been partially reopened to allow for limited automobile and rail movement following the explosion. While trucks are currently being moved, the Russians assert that on Sunday evening, rail service “was back on track.” After the horrific explosion on Saturday, President Vladimir Putin gave the FSB intelligence service the order to take over security at the Crimean Bridge.

Source: https://www.brytfmonline.com/russians-say-foreigners-helped-ukrainian-special-forces-before-explosion-on-crimean-bridge-vg/


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