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Sunday, January 29, 2023

Russian Special Forces Belgian Malinois dog switches sides after it was found abandoned and close to death by Ukrainian soldiers | Daily Mail

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In the Mykolaiv area, Ukrainians discovered 3-year-old Max, malnourished and nursed him back to health. After being taught Ukrainian orders, he had redeployed as a mine-sweeping dog. Ukrainian soldier: “From now on, Max will protect Ukraine and bite Russian asses on the right side.”

Earlier in the conflict, the State Emergency Service of Ukraine broadcast a video of a two-year old Jack Russel Terrier named Patron working in the war-torn northern city of Chernihiv. Patron was initially purchased to compete in dog shows, but he has already discovered over 200 lethal Russian landmines and unexploded explosives.

He got his medal in the presidential palace in Kyiv in the presence of visiting Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Due to Patron’s antics, the Jack Russell terrier has become something of an Internet sensation. In a blue military harness emblazoned with a bullet, Patron dashes through the bush to detect live bombs. Patron was taught for six months to identify TNT and gunpowder. He has bred to be a show dog, but his mission was to save lives, not earn awards.

Patron, Bomb-sniffing JRT
(State Emergency Service of Ukraine)

Source: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10842015/Russian-special-forces-Belgian-Malinois-dog-switches-sides-Ukrainian-soldiers.html


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