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Sunday, March 26, 2023

Russian Ground Forces Have Lost the Battle For Kyiv | Atlas news 

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The Russian army surrendered the defenses in Kyiv’s outskirts.

Russian forces from the Russian Airborne Forces (VDV) launched an air assault on Antonov Airport on February 24, 2022, to conquer it. The airport was strategically important since it was just 7 miles from Kyiv’s city centre. In his speech to the Russian people, President Putin claimed that Russia was invading Ukraine to de-nazify and free the country. On the other hand, the Ukrainian troops launched a counter-offensive, encircling the unsupported Russian soldiers and repelling the first onslaught. The onslaught continued the following day, with the VDV launching another air assault, this time backed up by armored forces from Belarus, smashing through Ukrainian positions.

Russian strategists anticipated conquering Kyiv in 48 hours but were humiliated in the city’s outskirts. Hundreds of defended positions, recently excavated by Russian Ground Forces, are entirely vacant of men and vehicles, according to MAXAR satellite photography. This backs up claims that big Russian convoys have been leaving Northwest Kyiv, entering Belarus, and boarding trains in the last 72 hours.

Source: https://theatlasnews.co/2022/04/02/the-russian-ground-forces-have-lost-the-battle-for-kyiv/


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