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Sunday, March 26, 2023

Russian Forces Driven Away From Kyiv as Ukraine Regains Territory and Kills Top Commander | The Daily Beat

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Ukraine’s Military Claims to Have “Eradicate” a Russian Colonel and Reclaims Several Towns

Ukraine’s military claims it has “eliminated” another Russian colonel, adding to a lengthy list of senior Russian military members who have been killed in Ukraine. Ukraine’s military declared major territory victories, including the liberation of the northeastern town of Trostyanets from Russian forces. Several places outside of Kyiv were reported to be under Ukraine’s control. Western officials widely dismissed the news, with many observing that Moscow seemed to be pledging de escalation mainly in regions where they were losing ground. According to a US official, Russian army moves near Kyiv represent a “redeployment, not a retreat,” and other parts of Ukraine should continue to anticipate bombardment.

Source: https://www.thedailybeast.com/russian-forces-driven-away-from-kyiv-as-ukraine-regains-territory-and-kills-top-commander-colonel-denis-kurilo


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