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Monday, December 5, 2022

Russian army base sees scramble for war supplies, locals and soldiers say | Reuters

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Ukraine has started a crowdfunding drive to support its military effort against Russia.

In the newest phase of Russia’s conflict along the Ukraine border, the western Russian town of Valuyki has become a critical staging area. Volunteers are attempting to replenish supplies and equipment for soldiers near the city. According to British military intelligence and the Pentagon, Russia’s effort has been hampered by difficulties obtaining food and gasoline.

According to the British defense ministry, many Russian troops were likely killed in the first three months of the conflict in Ukraine as throughout the Soviet Union’s nine-year battle in Afghanistan. The government of Ukraine has begun a crowdfunding drive to help its military forces, which it claims are also suffering terrible casualties.

A guy said that it sometimes takes up to a month for replacement components to arrive; thus, troops often rely on volunteers. Friends, we are gathering humanitarian assistance for the front lines. According to a chat post from a user known as Ruslana, the troops need 16 radios immediately. An employee of a Russian government agency said that she and her coworkers donated one day’s income to purchase drones and thermal sights for the Russian military in Ukraine. Some members of her son’s squad wore boots with deteriorating bottoms and canvas coats with cotton padding that did not keep them warm.

Source: https://www.reuters.com/world/europe/russian-army-base-sees-scramble-ukraine-war-supplies-some-locals-soldiers-say-2022-06-08/


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